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Best Under Pressure Exterior Cleaning FAQs

Your driveway is not that different from the interior of your home when it comes to cleanliness. Both need to be regularly cleaned in order to keep them looking great.


After some time, your driveway will begin accumulating a lot of dirt and grim especially if it is used often. For this reason, most professionals recommend pressure washing your driveway at least once per year to keep it in good condition.


Thanks to our friends at Professional Power Washing in Baltimore, MD for sharing this information with us!

Most professionals recommend getting your house washed between the months of March and November. The main reason for this is due to the winter season that starts around the month of December. By getting your house washed before the winter season, you will make sure that your home is clean and protected before the season and temperature changes.


In terms of the best time of the day to get your house washed, the professionals at Best Under Pressure are trained to tackle any house washing project at any time of the day. We do, however, recommend scheduling a house washing during the daylight in order for our team to make sure they do not miss any spots that can be lost in the night. 


This information was provided by our friends at Premier Pro Wash & Seal, LLC.

The cost to wash the outside of a house is very dependent on how large the house is and how long it has been since the last round of washing. Over time, a house will accumulate a lot of grime, mold, dirt, etc. The longer a house goes without being washed, the dirtier it will get. The dirtier a house is, the longer it can take in order to fully clean the building.


Thanks to ATX Clean Pressure Washing for providing this information. Find out more about them here:

Similar to our driveway recommendations, we, along with most professionals, recommend that you wash the exterior of your home at least once a year.

This time frame, however, is also very dependent on the area where you live. For example, if you live in an area where dirt and mold are more prevalent, it may be a better idea to wash your house every 6 months in order to keep the condition of your house in tip-top shape.


Thanks, WNC Pressure Washing for sharing this information with us!

The main reasons you would want to wash your roof are to extend the life of the materials and also to make sure everything is functioning properly.


It has been studied that moss can actually change the shape of asphalt shingles which can cause them to get blown away by heavy enough winds. If your roof is also covered in moss, algae, and dirt, the roofing material may not be able to properly direct water which can lead to water damage to your property. 


Thank you to Power Clean Pressure Cleaning for sharing this information.

We highly recommend that all pavers receive some sort of sealant after installation. The main reason we recommend this is that most pavers are made of porous material. This means that anything spilled on your pavers can be absorbed. This will lead to discoloration and may also lead to damage. A proper sealant can protect the pavers and prevent any of this damage. 


Special thanks to Broward Paver Services for the information.

The team at Best Under Pressure Exterior Cleaning highly recommends that you fully clean your pavers before moving forward with sealing them. If pavers are not properly cleaned, any dirt or debris that is present will be sealed in. This will result in permanently ‘dirty’ looking pavers.


With our pressure washing services, we can ensure that your pavers are spotless before we seal and protect them!


Big thanks to Rusty’s Pressure Washing LLC for the information!

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